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WHO is "Mama's" Cookies?
I'm Terri, the proud mom of four awesome boys. An artist by training and a baker by "fate".  As the mom of four boys I hear “Mom,  Mama, Mommy or  M - o - o - o - m!” constantly throughout the day. When my friend (and favorite barista), started labeling my coffee drinks with “Mama” I knew I should just embrace it... so I named this little venture “Mama's Cookies”! 
And yes - those are my boys in my logo!


WHAT is "Mama's" Cookies?

Mama's Cookies operates as a Home Based Vendor under

Indiana HEA 1309. 


WHERE is "Mama's" Cookies?

We are located in lovely Westfield, Indiana


WHEN "Mama's" Cookies?

Anytime you want a cookie that not only looks awesome, but tastes that way as well! Birthdays, weddings, showers - you were able to take a shower without being interrupted by a screaming child! Life's special moments call for a special cookie! 


WHY "Mama's" Cookies?

Why should you get “Mama’s Cookies”?  It’s simple - each one is a carefully made, delicious, work of art! Soft, buttery cookies that you are sure to love, made with the freshest ingredients - and a whole lot of care and creativity!  The way cookies should be made -  cause Mama knows best!



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